Sunday, January 4, 2009

Unbelievably long hiatus!

Happy New Years!

I will join in saying the cliche statement, "I can't believe it is 2009." It is a new year, but everything feels the same. I guess things should feel the same.  The passing of time is all the same, it does not really change. We know the creation of different time measures is an artificial human construct. Enough rambling!

I have probably disappointed a few readers of this blog since I never finished chronicling my time in Uganda. My sincere apologies. I do understand some of the feelings you may have; I also disappointed myself. However, don't lose heart. Though I will refrain from making any promise, there may be some hope. I will try to round 0ff writing about Uganda soon.

I am not sure what for the blog may take this year but I will make you aware of my plans.

Thanks for reading

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Atheendar said...

Hey! I hope you continue with this. Perhaps some thoughts from/on the UK?